Where better to learn about music then from the Sarajevo Philharmonic

Sarajevo Philharmonic opens its orchestra, its repertoire and the doors of the National Theatre to the youngest audience. With its activities, the Orchestra awakens the love of classical music and encourages children to learn music.

We are proud of results the performance of “Peter and the Wolf” by Sergei Prokofiev has achieved. Since its premiere performance in February 2009 until today, the symphonic fairy tale performed by the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra and beloved Mario Ario, has been seen and listened to by over 5,000 children from Sarajevo.

Animals have always evoked imagination, they appear in countless stories and musical works. In the symphonic fairy tale “Peter and the Woolf” each animal has a clear character and is revived through sounds produced by the Sarajevo philharmonic musicians.

While visiting the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, children had an opportunity to meet with the members of the Orchestra, to experience direct contact with instruments, and some were even brave enough to try out playing instruments themselves.

We enabled children to have first contacts with the world of classical music.
Now is the time to move boundaries and return the visit. The Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra in collaboration with elementary schools in the Sarajevo Canton started a project with the aim to educate the youngest. The project will take place where children are already accustomed to receive knowledge – in their classrooms. Members of the Orchestra sections will visit the schools, sit in classrooms with children, present their instruments and be prepared to answer any question children might have.


Sarajevska filharmonija promo spot 2013

Sarajevska filharmonija promo spot 2013


Typewriter - Samir Ismić

Typewriter - Samir Ismić



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