26 November 2018 8:00 PM

Jazz concert

National Theatre Sarajevo

M. Mezquida: Ravel's Dreams

ALEIX TOBIAS Percussions


He could be depicted as a young artist with a bright future, except that his achievements, although improper of an artist who has just reached thirty, speak in an irrefutable present.
The list of artists with whom Mezquida has shared stage, projects or studio is endless. Among them, renowned figures like Lee Konitz or Bill McHenry. Similarly, he has been present in venues of 24 countries, including Marciac, Budapest Music Center, Conde Duque of Madrid, Jazzaldia, Jazzahead, Kölner Philharmonie ORF Auditorium in Vienna, SFJazz, or Jazz na Fabrica in Sao Paulo. His unlikely agenda shows him in the intimacy of the solo piano, or accompanied by orchestras, dance projects, duets, trios, jazz, as well as in his original approaches to Ravel, Haendel or Chopin, flamenco, or popular Latin American music. His creative power is overwhelming, and his resources seem endless. Jarrett, Schubert, Evans, Rachmaninov or Bley, to name a few, merge exquisitely into Marco's musical DNA. Marco lets them all in, invites them to play in his music, integrates them into his stream of expressiveness, at the unexpected intersections that have become a hallmark of the musical organism that Mezquida represents. His irruption illuminated the scene and, ever since, there has been a consensus among media, programmers, musicians and audience to point out Marco Mezquida as one of the most dazzling appearances on the European music scene in a long time.
To say that Mezquida shines equally as composer, pianist, improviser, accompanist and bandleader, that he is eclectic and versatile, is to name the obvious. But it is, also and barely, a description of the surface of his world. Above all, Marco is a playful and unpredictable artist, a universe in which to fall, a torrent to surrender to and let go. His colleagues of the Association of Jazz Musicians and Modern Music of Catalonia have chosen him "Musician of the Year", not one, but four times over five editions.


Martín Meléndez was born in Moscow from Cuban parents in 1982. He began his musical studies, specialized in violoncello at Conservatorio Amadeo Roldán in Havana, Cuba, at an early age. Later on, he continued his studies at Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA). Used to improvising, his musical inspiration are watered by Jazz, Cuban tradition, funk and, later, Flamenco. The blend lend Meéndez to develop a unique, fascinating style, and using the violoncello with a brand new language. He has brought his music to theatre plays, contemporary music and soundtracks. Currently based in Barcelona, he is a member of the AupaQuartet, as well as of Carlos Saura's Flamenco Hoy. For the past seven years he has been part of Rafael Amargo's Opera y Flamenco. He has collaborated with a long list of artists including Pablo Milanés, Chano Dominguez, Macaco, Dorantes, Renuad Garcia-Fons, Yusa, Descemer Bueno, Antonio Rey, Kiko Veneno  Ernesto Aurignac, Reynald Colom, Kinan Azmeh, among others. He has been a guest teacher of modern voloncello at  Barcelona Fiddle Congress (BFC)2016 and, for a third year in a row, he will be part of Alasdair Frase's & Natalie Haas' campus Crisol de Cuerda Tradicional.

ALEIX TOBIAS - percussions

Aleix studied at “Escola de Música de Badalona” and “Taller de Músics” in Barcelona. Studied percussion with Ernest Martínez and Enildo Rasúa. In the meantime, he complemented his academic education with long visits to Western Africa and Turkey. He has always felt attracted by the music from the world and was always eager to discover new, different sounds. This made him feel urged to move around the world and discover new languages in percussion. He met Eliseo Parra who discovered the Iberian traditions to him. Aleix created and conducts Coetus, an orchestra specialized in Iberian percussion. Coetus allowed him to provide a singular language to these traditional instruments, and bring them to a renewed context. Coetus has toured around the world, and Aleix has offered countless workshops on Iberian percussion. He has as well worked with countless interpreters and artsts such as Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Misirli Ahmet, Erkan Ogur o Ercan Ermak, Carles Dènia, Maria del Mar Bonet, Lídia Pujol, Marina Rossell, Raúl Rodríguez, Aziza Brahim, Judit Neddermann, to name a few… His experience in the studio and musicality has also led him to work as a producer.




Sarajevska filharmonija promo spot 2013

Sarajevska filharmonija promo spot 2013


Ramadan Concert 2012

Ramadan Concert 2012



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